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Dragon X8 Compound Bow


*30 inches  length make this bow compact
*Wide adjustability of draw length from 18” to 31”
*Wide adjustability of draw Weight from0-60lbs, or 0-70lbs
*Can be adjusted perfectly to the various shooters
*High arrow speeds, delivering impressive power, shooting comfortably, feeling well in the hand
*Kit package available for your option

  • Axle-to-Axle:30”
  • Brace Height:6.5”
  • Draw weight:0-60lbs,0-70lbs
  • Draw Length:18-31”
  • Let-Off:70-80%
  • Arrow speed:310 FPS
  • Net weight:3.8lbs
  • Color:Black,Vista camo
  • RH only
  • Product Code black 0-60lbs:200.215.003
  • Product Code camo 0-60lbs:200.215.004
  • Product Code black 0-70lbs:200.216.003
  • Product Code camo 0-70lbs:200.216.004

Student-ID First Name
Axle-to-Axle 30”
Brace Height 6.5”
Draw weight 0-60lbs,0-70lbs
Draw Length 18-31”
Let-Off 70-80%
Arrow speed 310 FPS
Net weight 3.8lbs
Color Black,Vista camo
RH only
Product Code black 0-60lbs 200.215.003
Product Code camo 0-60lbs 200.215.004
Product Code black 0-70lbs 200.216.003
Product Code camo 0-70lbs 200.216.004

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