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Ospray X8 Hunting and Fishing bow


*Traditional take-down hunting and fishing bow with Three-piece solution, easy to compact storage
* redesigned and researched with our USA clients together for more 2 years to get this perfect bow ever.
*High-strength cast-aluminum riser 
*Fiberglass-laminated limbs are made of handsome maple 
*Fishing kit for your option,

  • Length:60”
  • Draw Weight:30lbs 35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs
  • color:Black, G1 camo
  • RH only
  • Product Code 30lbs:110.0001
  • Product Code 35lbs:110.0002
  • Product Code 40lbs:110.0003
  • Product Code 45lbs:110.0004
  • Product Code 50lbs:110.0005

Student-ID First Name
Length 60”
Draw Weight 30lbs 35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs
color Black, G1 camo
RH only
Product Code 30lbs 110.0001
Product Code 35lbs 110.0002
Product Code 40lbs 110.0003
Product Code 45lbs 110.0004
Product Code 50lbs 110.0005

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